How to find and keep your next best writer

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If you’re in the business of finding new, rising stars, you may want to consider hiring one of the top female mystery writing agents. 

The industry is awash with new talent.

But, to be fair, most of them are just starting out.

There’s a lack of visibility in the market for those who are already known and loved. 

And some of those rising stars aren’t even necessarily writers at all. 

I asked some of the best female mystery agents what they thought about the current state of the industry. 

“I think the problem is the number of female writers in the industry is so small, so low that I don’t think there’s a lot of competition.

I think that’s one of their biggest challenges,” said Kristy Stacey, the founder and CEO of The Secret Agent. 

While Stacey is a seasoned veteran in the field, she says the industry has “lost a lot” of its luster over the past decade or so. 

She points to the lack of women in key positions at many of the big-name publishers, including Penguin Random House, Scribner, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster. 

 “You can’t get a book by a woman.

That’s why there’s so little diversity in the writing.

Thats why there is such a small amount of women writing in fiction,” Stacey said. 

In addition to the small number of women writers in fiction, she adds, there is also a lack in the diversity of the writing industry itself.

“There’s not a lot that happens to women writers, so we don’t see any female writers as much,” Stace said.

Stacey says she believes that the industry needs to diversify in the hopes of making it more welcoming to women. 

“[Women writers] are not the same as men writers, and so we need to do more to make sure that we are more diverse in terms of how we view ourselves and how we interact with other women writers,” she said.

  While the current glut of new female talent doesn’t exactly jibe with Stacey’s vision, she also doesn’t think it’s all bad.

“We’ve been through this before.

You go through this with any industry.

It’s not always about hiring women, it’s more about hiring people that are able to see themselves as different than others and that can challenge their ideas and their assumptions,” she added. 

So what do female mystery authors have to do to find their next best agent? 

The secret agent says there are some key tips that will help you find your next great writer. 


Have a good network.

“If you are in a position where you have some sort of experience, and you are a writer, and are on your own and have a voice, then you can work with someone,” Stacy said.

“You can have your own agent.

You can work through your agent.

It doesn’t have to be a male agent, but it could be.” 


Ask about other agents.

“I think if you want to work with a male agency, ask around, see what they have in the pipeline.

If you want your voice heard, that is what we need,” Stary said.3.

Ask for help.

“A lot of female agents and agents that are not female have been in this field and have found their way to agents, but they are just not experienced enough in their field and they need some help,” Stony said.4.

Don’t expect to be your own boss.

“It’s like hiring someone else,” Sty says.

“But I think in the beginning, you want some help, and it might be just a personal conversation or it might have been a team of people that you are working with that has their own opinions and their own agenda, and they want you to work in the same way.

You are working as an agent and not an agent.

I would rather not be the person who is the boss of this agency than not be an agent at all.” 


Work as an equal.

“The more diverse the agency is, the more experienced and well-versed in their industry they are going to be in terms to what is in their pipeline,” Stchaey said.6.

Know your market.

“In the beginning of this business, there are so many unknowns,” Stry says. 


Be a team player.

“When you’re an agent, you are doing this for yourself.

When you are an agent for a female writer, you can tell the agency, ‘This is how I think you should be writing this book.’

That can give you insight into what their vision is,” Stacys said.8.

Be ready to change.

“Some of the biggest changes that we have seen in the past couple of years are with women,” Stady said.9.

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