How to Write Freely in a Free World

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In our age of constant surveillance, we can’t let go of our freedoms.

But there are ways to take control of the information we consume.

And these are the seven tips that will help you achieve your freedom goals.


Be a free thinker.

The freedom of thought is the cornerstone of a healthy society.

We all need to be free to think, write, or create.

The more freedom you have, the more you can achieve.

The truth is, we all need a little bit of freedom.

It’s why I’ve called it “the freedom of the mind.”


Use your own voice.

If you don’t want to have to use the voice of others, try using your own.

You might think that you can’t write a novel without using the voices of others.

But you can.

And that’s because there are certain things you can do without others, and certain things only you can create.

You can’t do them if you don.


Write your own words.

The first rule of writing is, Write.

If your goal is to get free, it’s worth writing the first thing that comes to your mind, because then you’ll be a more productive writer.


Choose your words carefully.

You don’t need to spend all your time searching for “freedom.”

You can pick up the pieces and see what you like or don’t like.

But if you want to make sure you’re not creating anything that’s harmful to others, you should write the right words.


Create a vocabulary.

A free society needs to be informed, but we also need to know how to communicate with others.

You may have heard that the words you use in public have a powerful influence on how people interpret your words.

What does that mean?

In a free society, words are an essential tool.

People who know how words are used have more influence than those who don’t.

The most effective way to use words is to use them often.

So choose your words wisely.


Be selective.

People will always seek to read your words because they’re so familiar.

Don’t waste your time and effort.

Use those words wisely and wisely use them.


Make your own world.

In order to create a healthy world, we need to have a healthy way of thinking.

You’re going to need to choose your own way of being, and your own ways of being is going to be the best way to make your own society healthy.

That means being conscious of your own thoughts, and letting them shape your words and words shape your world.

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