How to write the best mystery book in the world

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Two and a Half Men writer David Simon and his wife, wife-to-be Jill Soloway, have just announced that they will be taking a break from writing and publishing books and returning to writing, which is the next step in their lives after they marry.

“The goal of our break from publishing is to focus on writing, with a few exceptions,” the couple wrote in a joint statement on Monday.

They added: “The goal is to be writing and doing other things and then not writing.

This is what we are doing.”

Simon, who has been married to Soloway for five years, is currently married to his wife of five years and she is also single.

Their decision to leave publishing is a move that comes as a relief to the two writers, who have been working to raise the $3.7 million to get the book, titled The Way of Kings, into the hands of its publishers.

Simon said that his wife’s success in the field of mystery has allowed him to get his work published in “bigger venues and for bigger audiences” and that she has a knack for crafting stories that are both unique and gripping.

“I think a lot of our work has been a lot about exploring what can be made to be good fiction,” Simon said.

“We think of ourselves as the ‘real’ writers in a lot the ways that many writers have a certain way of working.”

Simon and Soloway have been the authors of The Way to Kings since 2011 and the pair are currently working on a second book, which they are planning to release by the end of the year.

The couple has already been married for seven years and their relationship has been fraught for some time.

In 2014, the couple was hit with a lawsuit by The Black List, which accused them of sexually harassing and assaulting a male employee of the Black List.

The couple was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.

But the suit, which was settled, left Simon with a “deep and lasting sense of anger” and a “disquieting sense that he would never be able to tell the truth about what he did to the man,” according to The New York Times.

His wife later said she believed the couple had been duped by the Blacklist and were “a victim of a conspiracy to take advantage of me.”

“It was so difficult for me to understand that this wasn’t really what my husband and I wanted to do and it wasn’t what my wife wanted to be doing,” she told the Times.

The pair also had a falling out over their decision to hire writer-producer Lisa Bloom to work on The Way and had been in negotiations for months with the BlackList to publish a book together.

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