The Big Bang Theory writers get the “big bang theory” treatment

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The Big Bad Wolf of “The Big Bang” is back in the Big Bang theory world.

The new book “Big Bang Theory Writers: The Big Story,” by the writers of the Big Bad Wants Your Money and the other “Big Bad” books, comes out on Tuesday.

The books feature “bombshells” from the original “Big B” seasons, including “The Perfect Job” and “The Wedding Singer.”

“Big bang theory is a fascinating time in American culture,” the authors write.

“The ‘big bang’ is often an elusive term in popular culture.

But as the title of the book suggests, this book provides a new, definitive account of how this ‘big’ idea began, and how the writers, and their fans, have reacted to it.”

“The story of ‘The Big B’ is one of the most important stories of our time,” says “The Book” co-author David Simon.

“It is the story of the rise and fall of a small-town New England town and the story behind the great events that defined American culture.

It is also a story of how we come to celebrate our big moments and embrace them as they come.”

“It’s a time when the public loves a story, a story that tells us something about ourselves, a tale that is the foundation of our national mythology,” Simon continues.

“We have found the perfect story for the world’s largest entertainment franchise, which is why we are proud to present it to you.”

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with the writers who have written such great books about the ‘big bust,’ ” said “The New York Times” bestselling author of the original series.

“They have created a story about the rise of a family, the family of the year, the Big B, and the whole family.”

“You will learn a lot about the characters and the world and their motivations, but the big bang isn’t about them,” says co-creator David Crane.

“That’s what makes ‘The Book’ such a special book.

It’s a story for all ages and all walks of life.”

The book features exclusive photos and interviews with all eight of the “Big” writers, including the original cast members of the show.

“Big Boom” author and author of “Big Books” David Simon talks to the “Book” coauthors about “The Great Bunch” and why he loves the show and their book.

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