When the World Needs You

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The Bible says, “When you have gone to the mountain, you have to leave your sheep.”

The World needs you to leave the sheep.

That’s why it is called “the sheep of God.”

You are the sheep of the Kingdom of God.

You are a shepherd and a shepherd needs you.

You will be judged according to the way you walk in this life, not according to what you have done in the past.

When you go to the hill, you do not leave your horse or your donkey, you leave them behind.

When the King of kings is gone, all the people will leave Jerusalem, but you will go up to Jerusalem.

The sheep will follow the flock and they will return to the fold.

You must be ready for every emergency and every calamity.

We will come for you, and we will come together.

You have to trust in God.

“He will make the dead rise again” (Revelation 19:6).

We need to trust that God will protect us.

We need not trust the world, or the people who will seek our lives, or people who hate us.

God is in control.

He is our guardian angel.

He will protect our hearts and our minds, and he will protect those who are weak.

He does not need to know who we are.

He knows us.

He has seen us.

But He has no need to be reminded of us.

There is a place in heaven for everyone who has loved God and loved others.

There are also places in heaven that we cannot go to, but we will be with Him.

We are all in this together.

The Holy Spirit is with you.

Jesus said, “Behold, I will take you into my house and lead you into My presence” (John 14:6-7).

That is the promise that God makes to us.

That is how we are to feel at this moment in our lives.

Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit to help us to get through this difficult time, and He has provided a way to help each other.

You cannot expect people to understand what you are going through.

But, if they have the Spirit, they will understand what it means to be with you in this very difficult time.

This is a time when the world needs us to stand together.

We can see the world through a microscope and see the problems facing us.

Jesus gave us the Spirit of Prophecy to help guide us in this difficult and difficult time of the world.

It is not easy.

But God has promised that we will always find strength in His Spirit, and it is for this reason that we are able to do what we are doing.

We have been saved from a life of sin and darkness and will be saved from this life of darkness.

In this world, Jesus said that the kingdom of God will be established in Jerusalem, and that Jerusalem will be the city of the Lamb of God (Matt.


The kingdom of the kingdom is coming.

The time for fear has come.

The world needs to stop hiding from the truth.

The World is about to experience an apocalyptic cataclysm that will bring destruction to the world and the Kingdom will be destroyed.

This cataclysm is called the “Great Tribulation” and it will occur within a generation.

Jesus is the King in the midst of this great tribulation.

He promised that “the Kingdom of heaven will be at hand at the end of the age” (Mark 14:23).

This is not the world of today.

We know this.

We already know it.

It will not be easy.

It has been here for years and years.

We were warned by the Holy Ghost, and the Bible tells us that there is no escape from this Great Tribulation.

It comes like a tsunami, like a torrent that carries all the nations of the earth through the darkness of time.

You need to stand firm.

It may take time for this world to recover, but God is working through you.

The great tribulations are coming.

They will not stop until all the world is saved and the world will be restored to its former glory.

Jesus and His people are coming to restore our world to its original glory.

That means you need to prepare for this great world event.

This will be an event that will be felt around the world for generations to come.

We must be prepared for this and ready to face it.

God’s Kingdom is coming to bring the Great Tribulations to this world and to your life.

The Apocalypse is here.

The Great Tribions will be here.

You can be prepared.

We all have the ability to prepare ourselves for this, to face this, and to live through it.

You do not have to be alone in this great work.

You just need to take one person’s word as a guide for this important and important moment in your life, and you will be rewarded with the blessings of the Holy Holy Spirit.

You may feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed, but keep going.

The Lord will

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