5 things you need to know about Jungle Red, the new anthology that’s getting rave reviews

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The new anthology, titled Jungle Red by mystery writers Joshua O’Malley and Mark R. Kottke, is an anthology of mysteries, from the likes of The Moth, The Book Thief and The Book of Bones to lesser-known authors like The Bookworm and The Lament of the Flame Empress.

And it’s an exciting project for mystery fans, too, as it’s set to bring together an eclectic group of writers from across genres, including: the short story reader, the short stories reader, and the mysteries reader. 

As the anthology will be published on January 23, the cover art for it is up now, so here are some of the highlights.

The Book, The Laments and The Flame Empress cover art by Josh O’Neil and Mark Kottakian.

The book cover art is by Josh’s son, Josh, who you might recognize as the illustrator behind the cover of the original Tales of Suspense anthology.

I love the way he captures the spirit of the book while simultaneously drawing it to a perfect size.

I’m a huge fan of the series, and it’s one of the books that got me hooked on mystery fiction, so I’m happy to see it continue on.

The short stories are by Mark Kattan and Joshua Omaher.

They are both great.

The Lamps cover art was done by Joshua Omar, who has worked on the covers of the other five anthologies.

The first book in the series was Tales of the Lamps, which is a series of short stories about the supernatural.

I always enjoyed the stories in that series, so the chance to work with Joshua again on Jungle Red was an absolute treat.

The cover art of The Book is by Mark’s son Mark Kettan.

I loved the look of the cover for The Book.

I think it’s a great cover for this book, and I hope to see more from Mark Kotti in the future.

The novel by Joshua is called The Book that Cannot Be Written.

It is set in a world where everyone knows everyone else.

I was looking forward to reading the novel, because it was set in the world of The Lams, and Josh and Mark were able to give a good, honest, fun, lighthearted, but true story.

The mystery story by Mark is called, The Black and the White.

I am an avid reader of mystery fiction and the kind of fiction that I am reading these days.

It’s very different from the mystery fiction that you find in most anthologies, but it is the kind that I love, and that I’m looking forward too.

The mysteries reader is the mystery reader, as they will be reading from The Book and The Lights, The Shadows, The Stars, and The White.

There are also two short stories that will be in the anthology, The Fire and The Ice. 

The Black and White cover art courtesy of Joshua Omas.

The books by Joshua and Mark are set in England, and they are both written by a former British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

It sounds like it’s going to be an interesting project, and Joshua is the creator of the new series The Book That Cannot Be Read.

I will definitely be looking forward a lot to the new book, which I will be sure to read, and to the books by the authors.

The author of The Black & White cover illustration by Joshua & Mark Omahels. 

And finally, the Laps cover art will be by Mark Omar.

He’s worked on all the anthologies since the last one.

The title is kind of like a catchall title, but the title really is the first book of the three books.

I hope that this anthology will get more attention than the last, and this time it is a lot more interesting than the previous ones.

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