How to avoid spoilers for romances and family stories

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How to keep your loved ones entertained while reading romance stories?

If you’re a romance writer, you probably know how to avoid reading romance books.

Romance writers are often seen as overly sensitive and not as funny as other genres.

So, how can you avoid spoilers while reading romances?


Be funny in your romance stories.

This can be the easiest way to avoid being spoiled.

You might want to give yourself time to relax before the story starts.

The first few chapters can be a little awkward.

If you can’t relax before then, don’t start reading until after dinner.


Try to avoid romantic comedies.

These are not romance stories, they are more like comedic dramas.

If your audience is already interested in a romantic comedy, they might not be able to handle the suspense of your plotline.

The most important thing is to keep it light.

Avoid going too far in any romance story.


Don’t be afraid to have a twist.

Some romance stories have twists, some have twists that are more obvious, and some just give you a different way of looking at the characters.

If it’s a romance story, keep in mind that sometimes the twists are meant to make the story more relatable.


Be consistent.

When writing romance stories in any genre, you should keep it consistent.

You can’t just make your story up as you go along.

Keep it light and funny.


Don´t be afraid of spoilers.

You are not going to be able see everything in a romance book, so you should not be afraid.

It is possible to enjoy the story while reading, but it is not guaranteed that you will enjoy it.

You could get spoiled by a romance plot line or the characters might be too much for you to handle.

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