How to win a fight in the news: The battle against media bias

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The American writer, filmmaker, and activist Jonathan Chait wrote an article titled, “Freedom Writers Callus: The Battle Against Media Bias” in which he explains how to overcome the biases of the mainstream media, in particular, CNN.

The article is an excerpt from the forthcoming book “The Truth About Media Biscuit.”

Chait’s book is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

He also co-wrote the book “Fear of the Media: How We Can Defeat Its Narrative of the World” and co-authored the “The End of the American Dream” and “The Rise of the Great Wall.”

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

The Associated Press: Let’s talk about the nature of bias and bias in the media.

Jonathan Chais: I’m not sure I understand what that means.

I mean, the mainstream press is pretty much like the corporate media, right?

There are all kinds of biases that you can expect.

The one thing that we don’t see is bias against African-Americans, against people of color, against immigrants, against women, or against anyone that doesn’t conform to a certain mold.

That’s kind of a big problem, and the one thing we see from the media in general is that the press is biased against the people that are most vulnerable to those biases, the people who are least likely to speak up.

I’m pretty sure we don�t see bias against people who say that the economy is rigged, that climate change is real, that the moon landing was faked, that President Trump is illegitimate.

So that’s one thing.

But I think the mainstream is pretty biased in favor of people who hold these positions, and I think there are certain biases in favor, for example, of the president-elect.

There are certain things that I think are pretty egregious in the way the mainstream has framed these things.

The other thing that I find particularly troubling about the media is the fact that there are very few people who actually believe what they say about Trump and his policies.

When you look at CNN, when you look back at their reporting over the last couple of years, there is not a single article that says that Trump is actually responsible for anything.

I would argue that the same thing goes for a lot of other people in government.

When the president of the United States says that he is not going to negotiate on his own, it is a statement that has no factual basis.

The media have created this narrative that he’s incompetent, he�s a dictator, he’s corrupt, he can�t be trusted.

And they say that, because that’s what they want to believe.

So there is a lot more bias in favor [of] people who think the way that the mainstream does, and that is that there is this notion that Trump and these other people have been in office for a long time, and they are the most responsible people in this country, they have been responsible for the economy, they are responsible for global warming, they don�ts really care about the environment.

That is a very troubling idea to hold.

I think we are actually seeing a backlash, as you say, from a lot the people of faith who are really worried about this.

I feel like that is what the mainstream really is trying to accomplish.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

The question is, is it good enough?

And the answer is: I think so.

So, it seems to me that the most important thing about being a journalist is that you do your job honestly and honestly.

That you do not just write a story that you feel is accurate.

And that you really look at things objectively, and you don�T just take what the press tells you as gospel, as is often done by people like CNN.

But what is most important is to look at the information and think about how it relates to your own beliefs.

That really matters.

So I would say that being a writer is a much bigger responsibility than being a reporter, because you don’t just write stories.

You have to be able to actually understand the world around you, you have to understand the issues, and to have a sense of the world and how it operates.

And I think that really comes from a real education in life.

That means not just being a citizen, but also being a person who knows how to live in the world.

So to me, that is more important than writing.

That�s the kind of thing that is missing in a lot if you�re a journalist, because journalists, by and large, don� t really know how to make sense of people.

And a lot are just too busy thinking about what they can write about to actually actually understand them.

So in a way, being a freelance journalist, you are a kind of student of the real world, but you also have to

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