How TV’s best shows are getting the best writers strike

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The TV writers strike is underway and a lot of people are worried about their jobs.

The strike, which began Wednesday and ends Thursday, is the latest in a long string of strikes and protests that have rocked American television.

Here’s what you need to know about the strike.

Who is affected?

There are currently 17 TV writers’ unions that have filed lawsuits to strike, according to the Writers Guild of America.

But many of the union’s members don’t have a lot to say.

They’re primarily focused on their jobs at TV stations, which include ABC, CBS, NBC and CW.

They don’t make much money, but they do get paid a pretty good living wage, according the WGA.

A union official said that the strike affects about 70,000 people.

The WGA says the union is trying to get a deal done with the studios, but it’s not clear how soon that will happen.

A strike is typically a way for TV networks to increase their bargaining power, especially when they’ve lost their jobs due to the recession.

How will I be affected?

If you work at a TV station, you’re probably wondering what your next step will be.

There’s no word yet on how much you’ll be paid or how much the strike will affect you.

But there’s one thing you should know.

The Writers Guild has been saying that it’s in talks with the companies to negotiate a deal.

That’s probably why the strike is happening.

The strikes have been happening for years.

In 2007, they hit ABC after nearly three years of strike action.

ABC has said it was a good time to strike.

In 2010, the WG also went after NBC, CBS and Fox for their TV networks.

The unions filed the lawsuit in 2011 and the studios agreed to a settlement that ended the strike for another year.

What’s next?

In the next few days, WGA members will meet with representatives from the TV studios, which includes AMC, Showtime, Disney and Warner Bros. They will then begin negotiating their next deal.

In the meantime, WG members will also be voting on whether they want to stay or go on strike.

There are also other ways that TV workers can take action.

They can petition the FCC for a strike vote, which is called a strike petition, which can take weeks or months to gather signatures.

If they don’t get the required petition by Dec. 31, they can call on the FCC to declare a strike, but that’s highly unlikely to happen.

And they can petition their union to strike themselves.

They have a website that has the tools and information to get involved.

So if you or someone you know needs help getting involved in the strike, they’re here to help.

For more on the strike and the TV writers, check out our story.

ABC News’ Matt Johnson contributed to this report.

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