The Times publishes an

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with ‘loved’ quotes article A few years ago, the Times of Indian published an article in the online edition of its daily newspaper, The Times.

The piece, titled ‘Loved’ by ‘Pancham’, was titled, ‘Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Prasadsangalam: We will get a new prime minister.

I promise you.

We will.’

The Times of the country had been following the development of the new prime ministerial dispensation and was delighted with the outcome of the election.

On April 5, it had published an editorial, ‘Bhakt Chandramohan’, titled ‘P.K. Narasimha Rao and Shri R. Ravi Shastri have secured a majority in the Constituent Assembly’.

The article had highlighted the “tremendous” mandate of the people of the nation for the new government.

It also read, “It was the first time since independence that we had a government that could claim to have a mandate from the people.

Now that our new government has a mandate, it is the time to give our people a clear vision for the future of the Republic.

Let us make the country great again.

The next six months will be an historic one.”

The Times then put the piece in the front page, titled “Panchammukha’s Pancham”.

It has now gone viral and has been viewed more than 1.7 million times on the platform of Facebook.

This is the first-ever story in The Times to use a quote by a famous writer in an article about an upcoming election.

It was published on May 6, 2019.

In the article, Panchammakha, the author of the famous poem ‘The Song of the Dove’, said, “The election results will be announced in the coming days.

It will be the largest political and social event of our lifetime.”

He further said, “[It will be] a day of mourning for all the people who have lost their lives.

It is time for all of us to look forward and work together towards making this a great India.

I will work hard for this country.”

Panchamarajapu, the founder of the literary association of Bhakt Chandrachud, also wrote a letter to the newspaper on May 7, saying, “We are writing to express our gratitude to you for publishing such an important piece of journalism.

We feel you have been able to show the people the courage to vote for a new leader who has a genuine commitment to the cause of the common man.”

It was also shared on Twitter by a writer who was in the editorial team, and wrote, “Shri Panchamarakha’s poem ‘I’ll see you soon’ was published in The New York Times in 2019.

We are glad that it is finally being published.”

A few months later, on June 4, 2019, the writer had written an op-ed for The Times, in which he said, “”The election is a historic event.

The country will be made great again with a new leadership.

The new government will take charge and do what is right for our country.

“This was followed by a response on The Times Facebook page, which read, ‘Our thoughts are with all the writers, poets and intellectuals who have been impacted by Panchomukha.

Our hope is that they will take on a new role in the nation, and in the world.

Panchemukha is a very important writer and we are grateful to you that you have taken his words to heart.’

The sentiment was shared by the writer’s colleague, who shared, “As a journalist who works in India, I am very much looking forward to the time when Bhaktapancham’s words will be spoken in the public domain.

It would be a very great moment to reflect on the legacy of a poet who gave voice to the voiceless.

We hope that Bhakapancham will be remembered by the people for his courage and wit.

We know that you are a real patriot. “

We thank Panchambachalam for his inspiring and prophetic contribution to our democracy and his voice and wisdom in the face of injustice.

We know that you are a real patriot.

We thank you for sharing Bhaktaram’s story with the world,” the post read.

Panchambcham, who has died, is the founder and former president of the Bhakta Bhakti Association, and was a prominent figure in the Bhagat Singh Movement.

He was also the founder member of the All India Bhaktshak Sangh.

Picham died in February 2019 at the age of 89.

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