A.V. Club: What do you think about the last season of the Avatar: The Last Airbender?

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Club staff writer John Ridley explains what you should expect from season two of the popular animated series.

“This is the final season, and it’s the best that we can do.

There’s so much potential, so much great stuff that you’ll want to see.

The whole premise of this series is so compelling, so well executed.

I’m really excited about it.”

The finale of season two, titled “Bend the Arc,” featured the return of the Fire Lord and his followers, who had been exiled by the government.

They’re returning to Earth, where they’ll be joined by the Avatar.

We’ll be getting to meet a few of them, including Kya, Katara, Tenzin, and more.

The show has already gone through an “episode-by-episode” transition this season, which has seen some of the most popular characters go from characters that we’ve seen before to characters that are completely new.

We’re getting to know some of them better and see how they’ll fit in the world, and hopefully find out more about their origins.

The episode-by-“episode transition was originally supposed to happen before the end of the season, but that was scrapped, leaving fans to wait for the end to find out.

Ridley has more on that in his article, which is a pretty cool thing.

We also got to meet some new faces this season: Zuko (Katara), Dukat (Ezo), Zuko’s dad (Wang Chi), and Bolin (Zoological Professor).

We also got a few more hints about the future, and we got to see some of Zuko and the Fire Nation’s new recruit, Sokka.

This episode also saw the arrival of a new villain, a female warrior named Kya (Zhan Tian), and a major change to the status quo with the arrival, or “crossover,” of the Black Fire Nation.

We’ve been waiting to see who these people are, and this was definitely the first time we got a glimpse at them.

Zuko and his crew are headed into battle.

We get a peek at the new Fire Nation soldier that’s joining the army, while Dukats army is led by Zuko.

They all come to an agreement: Zukans armies will fight on the side of the Republic of the Northern Water Tribe.

This is a big step for Zuko, as he’s the leader of a major tribe and has fought alongside them in the past.

The first season of Avatar: the Last Airbenders saw him being the one who led the Republic Army and was responsible for a lot of the deaths of innocent people.

This will definitely put him in a different mindset, and he’ll be faced with more enemies, but he’ll still be the hero who brings the Republic back to the front lines.

He’ll have to make the right choice, as it will change the world for the better.

The team is led to a new battlefield, and they face a new enemy.

The group fights in a massive battle, and a new war erupts.

The new enemy is Zuko himself.

Zuko is a powerful warrior, but in this season of The Last Avatar, we get to see his true colors, as we learn that he’s actually a powerful man who wants to conquer the world.

In this episode, we learn more about the man behind the mask, and see what his true motives are.

He is a warlord, a ruthless tyrant, and the man who will lead his people to a glorious future.

Zukas army is leading his people into the war, but there are other factions within the war that are opposed to him.

Zukuans army is still outgunned, but is still determined to make peace with his enemies and win.

Zukas forces are led by a new commander, Zha’Zar, a former Fire Lord.

He leads his forces to the Southern Water Tribe, and to the end.

We got a new look at Zuko in this episode.

The Avatar is now a woman, but she has a lot more power than her father.

She is able to heal the people and has a new strength to her.

Zang, Zukos older brother, is a leader of his own faction.

The people of the Southern water tribe are in a state of panic.

Zunba has been imprisoned for years, and has been trying to get out of prison.

He has a powerful ally, Toph.

We also see the first signs of Zunya’s death.

He was shot and killed in front of Zhan Tian, but his spirit lingered on the battlefield.

He’s the only one who can save the water tribe.

The final battle in the series is in the Southern Fire Nation capital. Zhan t

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