Best writers of the year

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“I’ve never really been good at writing, but I love being the one to give it a go,” the writer told News.

“I can get away with it.

It’s a job that I’m proud of.”

The award-winning writer is also the founder of the popular blog, The Great Writing School.

A former member of the ABCs New York City Television Workshop, he is a prolific writer of short fiction, poetry and fiction.

“It’s my life’s passion,” he said.

“You need to make it a part of your life.”

He has published more than 200 short stories, stories that have sold more than 500,000 copies.

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Best short stories The best short fiction was the story “The Boy With the Horns”.

The story is about a man who has just been released from prison and is in a small town with his parents.

His mother has to go on holiday and his father has to work at a nearby supermarket.

He wants to make his father proud of his new life.

The novel has sold more then 50,000 issues and has been translated into more than 50 languages.

Read it.

Best poetry The story “Citizen Kane” won the 2017 National Poetry Competition.

The poem has been described as “a poem about life, the world, and death.”

It was chosen from over 600 entries by judges.

Read the story.

Best novella The story, “The Little Girl Who Loved the Red Shoes”, won the 2016 National Novel Writing Competition.

It is set in the year 1776.

A little girl in a poor London neighbourhood has a secret love for the red shoes.

She has a dream to buy one for herself.

Her mother and stepfather are also on holiday in Ireland.

She wants to go to them and they have a plan to meet her parents.

Read about the story in the New York Times.

Best novel “The Girl in the Glass House” won Best Novel at the 2017 Australian Poetry Award.

Written by Alyssa Colman, the novel is about two sisters, Emily and Olivia, who have moved to the small town of Cottage Grove.

Their parents are away on holiday, but Emily wants to spend time with her sisters.

Emily has a vision of a new day when they can have their own cottage and a house.

Olivia’s brother is a carpenter and she has a fantasy of working as a tailor.

The story has sold over 50,00 copies and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Read this story.

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