Freedom Writers: Why they’re not a conspiracy theory

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In the summer of 2013, a journalist named Ryan Holiday was working as a reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, covering the Australian capital city of Melbourne.

The station’s public affairs team had asked him to visit an event in the city’s CBD.

He was there with a camera, recording people walking down the street.

At one point, Holiday spotted a group of young people, and he was intrigued.

They were talking to one another and were in fact filming their activity.

So he asked one of them to join him.

It was a small group, and they were sharing a selfie, but they were actually filming each other’s movements.

In their hands were some pictures they had taken of themselves.

Holiday thought they might have been doing something wrong, but he was not ready to go on record as a conspiracy theorist.

Instead, he wrote an article in which he described the group as being ‘the most interesting group of people I have ever seen’.

He said they were filming people, not taking pictures of themselves, and that he believed they were documenting a ‘social movement’.

But when he got back to the ABC, his comments were quickly deleted.

Holiday wrote: ‘I am no longer allowed to cover this story.

I have been banned from covering it.’

When I asked him about the reasons for his removal, Holiday told me that he was given a stern warning.

‘I was told that if I didn’t get rid of it by the end of the week, it would be taken out of the paper, and I would be given a formal warning, or even worse, termination,’ he said.

I was advised that if you do this, then it’s just not going to happen.

I was told if you continue doing this, there will be consequences.

It was a harsh message.

‘My reaction was to simply ignore it and move on.’

But a year later, he has a new story to tell.

Last summer, he had an epiphany.

When he was reporting from a new city in the U.S., he was confronted by a woman who had been watching him on Facebook while on a flight from Dallas.

She told him that she had seen him on the internet, and had wanted to tell him what she thought.

As he explained the situation, the woman became so angry that she physically pulled him from his seat.

Eventually, she left and took his mobile phone.

Since then, Holiday has written at length about his experience, and published a number of articles on the subject.

But he is not the only one who has come under fire for his theories.

This past spring, comedian and writer Sarah Silverman sparked controversy when she wrote a controversial column for the New York Times titled ‘My life is a lie’.

She wrote that her life was a ‘concocted, contrived lie’ as a way of ‘understanding my own existence’.

‘My life isn’t my life, my body isn’t a part of my body, my identity is not my identity,’ she wrote.

While some commentators took issue with her thesis, many have praised her as an important voice in our culture who has spoken truth to power.

Now, after years of silence, Silverman is launching a new documentary called ‘Lying About You’.

In the documentary, she reveals that she’s been a victim of the ‘bias against the truth’.

According to Silverman, she’s often told that she is lying about her own life when she is being truthful about it.

And she says she has experienced this same kind of ‘bargaining power dynamic’ when she’s being honest about her life.

Silverman is currently working with an Australian documentary company to produce a documentary that she hopes will highlight the ‘false narratives and misperceptions that exist about the human condition’.

And with a new film coming out this summer, she says there’s no better time to expose the lie.

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