How did Twitter go from an anti-Trump media bubble to a massive political powerhouse?

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When it comes to the political world, Twitter is now a major player, with over 2.7 billion users.

And now that the election is over, the platform is once again in the spotlight, with a series of tweets from President Donald Trump slamming major media outlets and accusing them of collusion.

But just as Trump has made Twitter a major target, it seems that its competitors, too, are now making it their target.

In the first of two articles we’ll look at how Twitter changed the way it was perceived by its users and how it has been transforming itself as a major political platform.

Twitter is the #1 political platform In terms of total users, Twitter’s usership has been rising steadily over the past year.

In 2016, Twitter had over 7 billion users, with nearly 3 billion active monthly active users.

By 2020, it had more than 9 billion users (or 1.5 billion more users than Facebook).

By 2020 Twitter had more users on average than Facebook and Twitter combined.

But it was also in the midst of a major transformation.

In April 2020, Twitter announced that it would begin building out a new social media platform called “Twitter” that would be much more like Facebook, in that it was to be powered by its own algorithm and be much bigger than Twitter itself.

The company said that it wanted to use a mixture of new technologies and the “deep pool of existing users” to build a more personalized social network.

By October 2020, Facebook was no longer the top player in the social media space and Twitter was the largest, with more than 2 billion users as of March 2021.

By March 2021, Facebook had over 3 billion users and Twitter had just under 2 billion.

In December 2020, a new algorithm called the “Deep Social” algorithm was unveiled that was designed to help Twitter better understand the behaviors of users on the social network, rather than relying on other algorithms like “Like” and “share” buttons.

It also introduced features like tagging users based on interests, geographic location, gender, and more.

In January 2021, Twitter started to test a new way of managing and curating tweets.

It had begun testing a “story feed” that allowed users to subscribe to stories that they liked, share stories they had seen, or have a conversation about.

As the story feed expanded, so did the reach of users.

In March 2021 Twitter announced a new “Editorial Network,” an internal team that was to build and develop content about topics like politics, technology, media, and culture, among others.

In June 2021, the “News Feed” feature that allowed for new content was removed, and instead Twitter was experimenting with new ways to build out content.

The new News Feed feature, which was called “Tweets” or “Twitter-branded content,” allowed users more control over what they see, but also the ability to choose from a larger selection of topics, such as politics, news, sports, and entertainment.

By August 2021, around 2 billion people were using the new “Tweet” feature, and it was being used by a growing number of users to read and share news.

It was also being used to engage with other users on Twitter and connect with others on the platform.

The “Twitter brand” is now the official name of Twitter.

The idea behind the new News Mode has been to make Twitter a more inclusive platform that more people could interact with, and the new features, while designed for that purpose, were also used by Twitter itself to reach out to its users.

The brand is now known as the “Twitter Story” (or “twitter-branded”) content.

At first glance, it is clear that this is a brand that is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible.

However, as we saw in our previous article, Twitter has been increasingly turning away from the idea of being a neutral platform to becoming more of a tool of political activism.

The political landscape that Twitter was built on was very much the politics of the 1990s, with Republicans pushing their own agenda on Twitter, with Democrats doing so through social media.

By 2018, the idea was that it should be more of an equal opportunity place for people of all political persuasions to share their views and ideas.

In this way, the goal of Twitter’s “Twitter Stories” was to reach the broader American audience in order to better understand how political views and policies differed across America.

But Twitter’s role in the political landscape was changing.

The platform began to become a platform that was much more about politics.

In October 2020 Facebook introduced a “News Story” feature where users could post news from news outlets.

This feature allowed for the sharing of content from other news organizations or news websites, as well as other news sources, which were then shared by users on Facebook and in other ways.

The first major political story in the News Story category was a piece from CNN that stated that former President Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted a young girl.

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