How ‘Mystery Writers’ are helping to save Britain’s literary industry

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THE LONDON TIMES — The first-of-its-kind anthology series will feature four novels, two of which will be by international bestsellers.

The four titles include The Last Night and The Last Breath, a thriller about a murder mystery that explores themes of fear, grief, loss and betrayal.

The final two are a romantic drama about two men who are forced to go on a romantic honeymoon after the death of their first love.

The five-volume collection will be published in three volumes in May.

“The idea was to explore the themes of love, loss, loss of identity and loss of purpose that we see with the global refugee crisis, but with the rise of global populism, fear and betrayal,” said Paul Smith, the editor of the anthology series.

“We think the themes that we’re exploring in The Last Nite and The Final Breath are very universal, and I think that we can help them resonate globally and create some sense of hope.”

Smith said the books are “a mixture of contemporary fiction, historical fiction and new writing” and that the books will be written by “world-class writers” to be published by Random House.

The series is set to be followed by a follow-up collection titled The Last Time and The End of the Beginning.

The collection will also feature a new short story by the writer of The Last Last Night, David Horsley.

Horsley is a writer and short story writer, and the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine The Poetry Review.

Horses’ Eyes and Other Stories, published by the University of Birmingham, is a collection of short stories about people who are blind, deaf, mute and physically disabled.

In addition to the anthology, the book will also be published online in May, with each title being accompanied by a special pre-order page.

Smith said The Last Summer, written by the author of The Narrow Path, The Nude, and The Secret and the Secret Diary will be a finalist for the Booker Prize for best novel.

The Last Summer and The Second Half of the Summer are both available on Amazon Prime.

In the anthology’s final collection, The Last Moment, a new story about a man with dementia, a young woman in London is haunted by her former lover.

The story follows the young woman as she begins to discover that the relationship she had with her former partner may not be what it seemed.

The book has been nominated for the National Book Award and won the Librarian of the Year award at the National Library Awards.

Smith added that The Last Second of the Month will be released in May 2018.

The first volume of The Great American Novel is published by Tor Books, and will be available on the company’s website in May 2019.

The last installment of The Mystery Writers’ Anthology is The Last Nights, which will include the three bestsellings of 2017 by writers such as Susan B. Anthony, A.O. Scott and Stephen King.

In 2018, the books of The Book of Lost Children and The Book Thief were also selected for the John F. Kennedy Library of Congress’ National Book Awards, while The Book Reader won the inaugural Pulitzer Prize.

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