How to improve the office productivity of your writers

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Best keyboard for writing is the key to writing well, according to a survey of nearly 1,000 writers.

Keyboard users who spent more than five hours per day on the keyboard for at least five consecutive days in the last year were more productive than those who used a laptop, tablet or smartphone for the same period.

The survey, conducted by the W2 Labs and The Guardian, found that, by a wide margin, those who spent at least four hours per week writing online were more successful than those that spent less time on the device.

The results, from a sample of over 6,000 UK writers, reveal that, when it comes to productivity, a keyboard is more than just an extension of your desk.

A key to productivity is being able to focus on your writing.

In a survey that surveyed over 2,000 readers from across the UK, the W4 Labs found that those who spend a significant amount of time on their keyboard were more likely to be able to get through a sentence or two before getting distracted.

Those that spent more time typing were more effective, said one of the study’s authors, Stephen Mather, who has published a book on writing and productivity titled The Power of a Word.

They also spent less on paper and less time drawing.

For those who did not have the luxury of spending time on a keyboard, a key to a good keyboard is having an app on your desk that allows you to focus and switch between the keyboard and the app, according the study.

A number of productivity apps have been released in recent years, including Wacom’s Ink Pro, Adobe’s InkPad, Samsung’s Smart Keyboard and Microsoft’s Windows Ink.

The Guardian contacted all the apps and found they all had a keyboard built in, with the most popular apps being Microsoft’s Ink and Samsung’s Windows Pen.

Ink is the most well-known productivity app, followed by Wacoms Smart Keyboard.

While Microsoft’s inkPad is the only one of these that lets you write on a physical keyboard, there are other apps available for your iPad or Android smartphone.

The W4 Lab also surveyed its readers on their preferences for productivity apps, and found that most of them were willing to buy a new tablet or laptop if they could get one.

The most popular tablet was a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, with just over half (51%) of those who bought a new device giving it a thumbs up, according, with Microsoft’s Android tablet, the Tab S3, at second place with 19% and Adobe’s Photoshop Express at third with 14%.

Apple’s iPad Mini is at the top of the list with a third of respondents saying they’d buy an iPad mini if they were offered one.

While it’s not a big deal to buy an Apple tablet, many people who buy one are willing to spend a little extra on it, as it provides them with more features than a Samsung or a Samsung-powered device.

W4 Labs says that, with some people opting for an iPad, it’s best to use a separate tablet if you’re using it for work.

If you do need to have a separate device, it might be best to buy one that’s built to work with Windows or Mac.

If your productivity is on a smartphone, you may need to use the Windows or Linux operating systems, according.

The study’s findings suggest that people are becoming more aware of the importance of a keyboard for their productivity.

“The research demonstrates that a dedicated keyboard can be just as important for writing as a laptop or tablet, but for many people, the key is actually not a keyboard at all, but the app,” said Stephen Muth, a W4Lab co-founder.

“This app allows people to focus, to work quickly, to be productive and to have the ability to focus.”

“These keys, which are actually in the shape of pens, are just a shortcut for what we need to focus our attention on writing.”

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