The 10 most-loved authors, writers, and movies about writers

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It’s the 10 most talked about titles in the Hollywood Reporter’s 50 Most Popular Books of 2017 list.

But as we look ahead to 2019, the list is also populated with books that have a greater chance of finding a wide audience and becoming blockbuster hits.

Here are 10 books that stand out among the more than 1,500 titles that made the list.


The 100-Year-Old Man Who Fell to Earth by Ursula K. Le Guin, published by Bloomsbury, is the novel of the year.

A dystopian world, Le Guins new novel is set in the years 2020-21, when a nuclear bomb is detonated.

LeGuin’s novel follows the life of the 100-year-old man, the only survivor of the bomb blast.

The novel also stars John Hurt and Meryl Streep.

LeGrier’s biography of the novel won an Amazon book award for best novel.

It’s a powerful read that will delight readers of all ages.


The Life of Henry Hill by Mark Twain, published in 1894, is a book of the century.

Written in 1881, The Life was a collection of short stories.

It is one of the first works to include the use of the “deadly word,” and the title refers to the deadliness of the word itself.

The book is a great primer for readers who want to know more about the history of words.


A Series of Unfortunate Events by Suzanne Collins, published as a children’s book in 2001, is an enchanting tale of a group of children living in a town called the Forest, where a powerful evil is wreaking havoc.

The tale is based on the life and times of Anne Rice, the creator of the children’s story series.

Collins’ book is an instant classic, and it’s easily accessible to children of all generations.


A Wrinkle in Time by Terry Pratchett, published after the publication of Discworld, is also a timeless classic.

Written after the death of his father, Pratchets novel is a meditation on life, love, and death.

Pratchet is best known for his works on The Discworld novels, and this is his best-known book.

The Disc is a fantasy series that follows an exiled magical boy, who is exiled from his home and travels the world as he tries to find his place in the world.


The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, published from 1949-51, is another classic.

It was the book that changed Salinger’s life, and his career, forever.

Salis books are filled with great writing, and the book of his career is a collection that will always live in our hearts.

The classic is one that will inspire children, adults, and teens.


The Girl in the Spider’s Web by Margaret Atwood, published between 1970-73, is widely regarded as one of Atwood’s most important novels.

The story follows a girl named Jessica who is the daughter of a wealthy, and possibly evil, man.

The plot follows her struggle to raise herself and her two younger sisters.

The books most notable character is the titular character, a teenage girl named Alice.


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published during the 1950s, is one the greatest novels ever written.

The Fitzgerald brothers, John and Fitzgerald, are considered the most influential writers of their generation.

The two brothers collaborated on many of their best-selling books, including The Great Escape, The Great Seduction, and The Great Fiasco.

The work of one of their most influential authors is the work that became the basis for the movie version of the book.


The Jungle Book by Lewis Carroll, published with the introduction by Alice in Wonderland in 1932, is perhaps the greatest book of all time.

Written between 1937 and 1939, The Jungle book follows the adventures of the titling “Alice” as she travels through various worlds.

It tells the tale of two siblings who find themselves stuck in the jungle, with the help of a magical monkey.

The three children discover a secret that will change the lives of everyone in the village, including their grandmother, who must find them.


The Lion King by Hans Christian Andersen, published around 1930, is considered one of Andersen’s most famous works.

The film adaptation of the story has been the highest-grossing film of all times.

The movie is one Andersen has never given up on, and viewers have always found themselves wondering what happens next.


The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, published before the events of The Hobbit, is known as one the most beloved stories of all.

It has been adapted to numerous television series and a book series.

The main characters of The Lord Of The Rings are the famous hobbits and the beautiful elf-king Goll

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