The Worst Writing Mistakes of 2017

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This year’s Writers Callus Award has some writers writing a bit too much about themselves.

On Sunday, the Writers Calluses Association announced that they had received more nominations than they’d ever seen in a single year.

The nominations for the 2017 edition were announced on Thursday and are already on the way.

Among the awards are four for “Best Writing,” three for “Most Important Story” and one for “Outstanding Nonfiction” for a new category called “Outreach.”

That’s a total of 25 nominees.

Here are the best of the worst: 1.

“The Worst Writing Moves of 2017” 2.

“I Am the Worst” 3.

“No Man’s Land” 4.

“A Little Bit of Truth” 5.

“Trial and Error” 6.

“Wedding Song” 7.

“Annie Hall” 8.

“My Brother is Black” 9.

“Romeo and Juliet” 10.

“Sugar and Spice” 11.

“Pleasure Island” 12.

“Mister Rogers” 13.

“Dancing in the Dark” 14.

“Lone Survivor” 15.

“Best Picture” 16.

“Invisible Cities” 17.

“Crazy Rich Asians” 18.

“This Is the End” 19.

“Bad Teacher” 20.

“Good Night, Mr. President” 21.

“Hustler” 22.

“Zero Dark Thirty” 23.

“Inside Job” 24.

“Black Panther” 25.

“It’s Going Down”  (WINNER) “No One Knows” (WINNER): “Black Mirror”

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