‘We’re going to get this thing right’: Trump’s White House as a place where Trump’s lies are accepted as truth

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By JOE BERNARD | Updated Feb 13, 2019 12:15PM ESTThe president of the United States is being held captive by the forces of his own incompetence.

The president who, with the help of his advisers, pushed a health care bill through Congress that was supposed to be bipartisan, who, when he saw the polls showing that Americans were ready to get behind a single-payer plan, then blamed Democrats for their failure to enact a single payer plan, who then blamed his own party, the American people, for their inability to support a single paying plan.

The first few months of the Trump administration were all about making sure the American public could count on him to deliver a major legislative accomplishment.

The president had to have a big legislative accomplishment, because, after all, a big piece of legislation, one that would save the country billions of dollars, would be his responsibility.

But, as the new year drew to a close, Trump was faced with the very real possibility that, by pushing through his health care plan, he would lose his first major legislative achievement, and perhaps his first legislative victory.

So, when Trump announced that he would be postponing his signature legislative achievement and instead focusing on a more minor but potentially consequential item, the president’s first reaction was to blame his own political opponents.

He blamed them for their inaction.

He was angry.

He accused his own team of incompetence.

He insisted that the public didn’t like him.

And so, on February 13, the first major item on Trump’s agenda was the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

The ACA, as it’s known, is the largest legislative achievement in modern American history, and a major reason why Trump had a chance to get things done in his first 100 days.

But for a while, the Trump White House was more interested in finding ways to undermine the law than it was in repealing it.

So when the president made his announcement that he was postponing the vote on his signature health care legislation, he seemed to be playing for time.

He did not want to appear to be making a major policy change, or even a major political shift.

He wanted to do it in a way that would make his political opponents look bad, and his political enemies look good.

And when the public came out to oppose the ACA repeal, Trump said that the reason for his delay was that the Republican Party was unwilling to pass a singlepayer bill.

But he was not going to give up the fight.

So he waited until the last minute, and he promised that, when the vote finally came, he’d do it.

And in doing so, he revealed the political vulnerabilities of his presidency.

The Republican Party, he declared, was “on the verge of collapse.”

He could no longer get his own base to support single payers.

And his own agenda, he said, was about “putting politics aside” to “work the other way.”

But in the first few weeks of his administration, Trump found that he could not find any political allies in the Republican party.

His allies were not willing to take the risks that would allow him to do anything significant with his political power.

And they were not going along with his agenda.

The most important reason why the Republican health care law was dead on arrival in Congress was that, with his legislative agenda on the backburner, Trump could not deliver on his promise of replacing the ACA with a single paid health care system.

In fact, his promise to do so was so weak that he failed to make the case for his repeal, and in doing that he risked alienating his base and the Republican leadership.

So, when House Speaker John Boehner announced that the House was going to vote on a bill to repeal and replace the ACA, Trump, not knowing what he was doing, announced that there would be no vote.

The only reason why he didn’t cancel the vote was because the House did not have enough votes to pass it.

It was only after that that Trump’s team realized that the Republicans had lost the election.

But now the president had no choice but to come up with a new, more effective, and more ambitious legislative accomplishment than repealing and replacing the Affordable Act.

So what did Trump do?

He made his legislative accomplishments public.

Trump went public with his own personal reasons for delaying the vote, but also made public his political reasons for keeping the bill from passing.

Trump told reporters that, as of March 4, he had enough votes in the House to pass the legislation.

He said that, after he told members of Congress that there was enough votes, he knew that Republicans in Congress would support his repeal and replacement legislation.

And, according to a report from Axios, Trump also told reporters at the time that he thought he had the votes in both houses of Congress to pass his repeal-and-replace bill.

And then, on March 4 of this year, Trump

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