What happens when the Lost Generation writers leave Futurama?

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When Lost Generation writer/director Seth MacFarlane died in April 2018, fans were left to mourn the loss of a beloved voice and character for whom many of us have shared a passion.

For those of us who knew MacFarlanes work, we had already grown tired of the tired, self-important, and uninterested narrative he had delivered for nearly five decades.

Seth was, and continues to be, the best writer on Futuramovie, and he will be sorely missed by the fans of Lost Generation.

We want to hear your thoughts about Seth’s impact on our culture.

Seth Macfarlane, writer and director of Futuramas (1995–2018) and Lost Generation (2018–20), will be dearly missed.

The writers and directors of Lost Generations have been the most impactful in this era of online fandom.

We are deeply saddened to hear that Seth’s passing has caused a rift between Lost Generation and Futuraman writers and viewers, who had long sought out his work and shared it with their fans.

We ask that the following people please leave comments and share their thoughts.

SethMacFarlane, Seth MacDonald, SethMacDonald, SETH MacFARLANDS WRITERS and DIRECTORS Dear fans, I have written to you and your colleagues to ask for your support in mourning Seth’s loss.

Seth’s legacy, both in the writing and directing of FutuArts, as well as his impact on the culture, is truly unparalleled.

His vision and passion for this medium, both animated and live, will be deeply missed.

His love for the Futuramen and the show he created was contagious and inspiring.

Seth is truly one of a kind.

Seth, we love you, and we will miss you. Thank you.

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