Why Did the Great Writers Lose Their Jobs?

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From the moment you open the box and pull the plug, you’ll see the most famous books that came before you.

Some of the most important ones were written by writers who died before you, such as William Faulkner, E. M. Forster, W. Somerset Maugham, and Philip Roth.

Others are people whose work will be missed by their heirs, such a George Saunders, Charles Dickens, William Faulker, and Jack Kerouac.

The greatest writer lost his job, but it was not because he was a poor writer.

The reason is that the people who made those books were not necessarily the best writers in the world.

As a result, they lost out on the money they could have made from their books.

This is the biggest lesson we can learn from our great authors, the writers who made the biggest impact on us.

For most of the 20th century, we thought of the greats as being the great writers who could write a book, and who would sell millions of copies.

That’s a big myth.

We still think of great writers as the great authors who created the best-selling works of all-time.

But we now know that great authors are much more than that.

They are people who have spent their lives working on books that changed the world and have made us smarter, happier, more creative, and more secure.

As we get to know them better, we’ll realize that the most powerful story in the stories they wrote is their stories.

This article is from the February 27, 2019 issue of The Wall St. Journal.

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