Why is there a Black Women Writers Conference coming to New York?

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I first met Irene Gies, the author of “Black Women Writers: 60 Minutes Writers’ Freedom Writers Conference,” in 2016.

Her work has been featured on NPR, The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Salon, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic.

She has published two books on the subject, both of which are co-authored with the Black Women’s Writers Conference, and is currently preparing for the 2019 edition of the conference.

Irene was recently on a panel at the Black Writers Conference in Chicago and had this to say:Ine was a wonderful guest at the first Black Women writers conference, and she’s a great voice for the Black women writers community.

I’ve always loved her writing, and I’m excited to have her on our panel this year.

The panelists included Sarah Siegel, the founder of the Chicago Black Women Writing Center; Barbara Williams, author of the book, “A Black Woman’s Book of Love”; and Tania Harris, the co-founder of the Women Writers of Color Center.

The conference is being organized by the Chicago Women Writers and Black Women in Publishing (WOWP) Alliance and the Chicago Writers Collective.

Irenee says:Irene and I are excited to be on this panel together, and we’re looking forward to welcoming more Black Women authors, poets, and authors of color to Chicago to discuss their work, and the ways that we can work together in the fight for liberation.

The Women Writers in Publishing Alliance is an alliance of Black writers, including artists, filmmakers, and others who share their stories with the world through social media.

Ireanne is a member of WOWP and the WOWF, and co-chairs the alliance.

In the past, Irene has spoken on the WPOA (Women Writers, Public Voices) Network, the WBOY (Women in the Arts, Journalism, and Design) Network (a network of Black and women-led literary publications), and the Writers’ Resource Network (WRO).

Irene’s book “Black Writers: Freedom Writers” is a collection of essays about the black writers’ freedom to express themselves and share their thoughts, and it is part of a larger anthology called “Black Voices: Freedom and the Voice of Black Women” (which is also being co-edited by Irene and the Black WPOF).

The anthology was co-hosted by the WSOF, which publishes the award-winning, award-nominated and critically acclaimed anthology “Black Woman Writers: A New Voice” (2013), and is co-sponsored by WPOE.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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