Why the American college paper is losing its writers

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When I started the job of managing the editorial department at a top-ranked college newspaper in the United States, my first task was to create a way for writers to get the jobs they wanted.

At the time, there were only two college papers in the country that had enough staff to manage all of the job postings.

But the first thing I did was hire a team of writers to help me find the most interesting and compelling stories for the paper, which was about to lose more than $4 million in annual revenue.

One of the things I noticed is that college papers don’t publish very much.

They don’t really do much to promote the work of young people in journalism or to keep up with the changing landscape of journalism.

That’s why I thought that if the college paper could find the right people, they could make money by writing about what the college students and their friends are doing, what the kids are doing at their local bars and clubs, what people are doing on Facebook and Instagram.

So, when I started working at The Washington Post in 2010, I didn’t expect to work with the biggest paper in the US.

But we found out that we could actually find the stories that we wanted to.

We discovered that our best-performing writers were the ones who were part of the first wave of the digital age.

One day in April, I walked into my office and saw the faces of the editors and writers I had hired.

They were all wearing their college press IDs and they were all shaking hands and shaking our hands.

I thought: Wow, I have no idea what to do next.

We needed a team, and I knew that it was going to take a little bit of time to find them.

That was a tough one to say no to.

When I looked at the people I had recruited, they all looked like a new generation of young, independent, talented journalists.

They had all worked in media and journalism, they had all studied journalism and had all grown up in the internet age.

They understood that they were in this together.

They all had stories that they wanted to tell and they all had something to say.

They would tell me stories about their families, their friends, their favorite writers.

I think they all felt like they had a voice that mattered.

We had a story for them.

And they all agreed.

The Post was the first major US newspaper to make this move.

And we’re still here today, working alongside the best of the best, with writers like Amanda Bynes and Arianna Huffington.

And as a result, we’ve found ways to make money.

We have writers that are in the top 20 percent of the country, and we’re the top 10 percent in the world, according to a survey by Glassdoor, a technology website.

And our revenue is up almost 40 percent year over year.

So we’re in a position where we are making more money than any other newspaper in America.

What makes that work?

I think it has to do with what we have in the office.

When you have writers in the building, they can’t go home.

They have to work every day, and they can make the most of the time that they have there.

And you’re working with them 24/7, so they feel like they can stay connected to the stories they are working on.

And I think that’s one of the reasons we’re able to make a lot of money.

But there are other factors.

I’ve worked in journalism for years, and when I moved to Washington, I was asked by my boss, and he was asking me to join the staff of the paper.

I didn�t know who to hire. I couldn�t find a writer that would fit my style.

I had to look for one that was very creative, very smart, and very articulate.

I was very interested in the young writers.

They could write about a particular issue, and it would make sense to me.

And there was one young writer who had done a piece for me, and then he got on Facebook, and everyone was tweeting about it.

I said, “Who is that?”

And he said, It�s this young person who is really interesting, and so we got him on board.

But he also had a long history of writing about things that were important to him.

He had a passion for writing about women in politics and gay rights, about climate change.

So I hired him and he became a real force.

He’s had some of the most memorable moments in our history, like when he got me to say, “We don’t want to be the New York Times, we want to go toe-to-toe with the Washington Post.”

When I first started at the Post, we had just started.

We were just starting our digital initiative.

I worked in digital, and the first digital project we did was the Pulitzer Prize-winning story on the death of Trayvon Martin.

And he was doing a piece

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