10 reasons to buy a book or two

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It is a great time to buy new books or buy a collection of old ones, especially if you have been looking for a gift for your family.

It is also a great chance to take a look at the literary landscape, because a book can be as popular as it is good.

There are some things you will need to do if you want to get a good book, and those are listed below.

Read more: 10 reasons why you should buy a good novel or collection of short storiesThe most common questions I receive on social media about books are whether they are worth buying or whether I should buy them. 

Here are my top ten reasons to go on an impulse buy spree, as well as some of the advice I have found helpful. 

I have listed books by authors who I have admired for years.

These authors have a good following and have sold well. 

There are some books by the same author that have been published in multiple formats.

This can be a great way to broaden your horizons if you are looking for something new. 

Read more : The best books for writers and short stories.

The best short stories for the short story reader. 

The 10 best novels for newbies and experts. 

5 best novelists for the best novel. 

10 best short story collections. 

3 best short fiction anthologies. 

Top ten reasons why to buy books or a collection. 


The Best NovelsYou can buy a new book for as little as $25 or more.

That price tag will get you the book, but the authors, the publishers and the publisher will have to pay for the print run and shipping.

You can find books on Amazon for as low as $10.

You can read online as well.

Books on Amazon can be hard to find and the books on my list are not necessarily all-inclusive. 


The Top Ten Best NovelistsYou have a lot of choices for what to read when you start reading.

Here are my favorite authors, some of whom are on my favorite lists:Herman Melville (novels) W.G. Sebald (novellas) Robert Heinlein (noveles) Jack Kerouac (no short stories) J.D. Salinger (noir) Richard Russo (noirs) Drew Barrymore (noires) James Patterson (noire) Meredith Payne (noises) John Updike (noise) Thomas Pynchon (nooses) Philip Roth (nozems) Nathaniel Hawthorne (noats) David Mitchell (noothas)The 10 Best Novel SeriesYou can find a great deal of fiction by authors like Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy, John Updice, Cormoran Strike, J.R.

R Tolkien, Flannery O’Connor, David Sedaris, John Steinbeck, Salman Rushdie, William Faulkner, and much more. 

For more fiction, I have a list of the best short, novella, novel, and novel based collections that I have read. 

You can also check out the list of best novels by short story readers, which I also recommend. 

It can also be useful to check out my list of top ten books for people with no formal training, such as artists and poets. 

And if you prefer to get your books from a publisher and not an author, the Top Ten Books for Non-Author Readers by the Authors of the 20th Century can be very useful as well, since there are some writers who were also non-author. 


The Ten Best Short StoriesFor those who want to write more short stories, you can buy new short stories by authors such as Charles Dickens, Flanagan O’Brien, Raymond Carver, Robert Louis Stevenson, William Styron, E.M. Forster, and others. 


The 10 Best Noir NovelsIn addition to the classic classics, there are a great number of novels written by women and/or children, some more so than others.

If you want more of a “dark” or “sad” book, check out The Ten Favorite Noir Novel. More from The Ten Best Noir Book: The Novel of the Year:  Sister, Sister, The Three-Eyed Raven by Elizabeth Bishop and J.

M Barrie The Last Song of the Day: A Night in the Country by J.D.-Salmon, James Joyce, William Blake, and other poets The Devil is a Part-Time Writer by Margaret Atwood The Big Book: The Complete Guide to Writing Fiction by Mary McCarthy The Complete Guide: A Guide to Creating Fiction by Joan Didion The Book of the Dead by George Saunders The Story

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