How the Daily Show’s liberal critics reacted to The Daily Show

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When The Daily show first started, it was one of the most left-leaning shows on television.

It would be a show about comedians and it would be funny.

It was a place where people who weren’t liberals would go to hear people who were.

And I guess it was also a place for people who wanted to feel that they weren’t afraid of being seen as different.

But it also was a space for a lot of white people who thought that comedy was a joke and that they were somehow somehow being taken seriously.

When The Late Show premiered in 2005, it didn’t just appeal to liberal audiences but to some white people as well.

It wasn’t just the black audience that was in a minority in America.

It also was the conservative audience, the white audience that felt it was their cultural capital and that their country was worth defending.

For many, that meant that their politics and their values had to be represented on The Daily.

There was a sense of being threatened, especially at a time when the United States was reeling from the Great Recession.

“It’s not surprising that people are scared,” said Matt Schlapp, who started the show in 2006 and was one the first to become the host.

“I’m afraid to say, I’m not afraid to be seen as a conservative or a liberal.

But that’s exactly why I’m on The Late Night.

It gives me that opportunity.”

The show had some serious challenges at the start.

In the early days, the writers had to find a way to make The Daily news while not losing sight of the real news.

“We had a very small staff and we had to balance the two of those things,” said John Oliver, who became the show’s first news editor.

“If we were going to take away the audience for one of those shows, we were not going to have a great time.”

“When I was there, I felt like I was the only white person on the team,” said Oliver.

“And I’m still on the staff.

The only person who’s white is me.

I’ve always felt like that.”

And the show struggled to find its voice in a time of racial tension.

But after the show began airing on Comedy Central, The Daily became a big hit with white viewers.

“The Daily Show has had a lot to do with the rise of white nationalism,” Oliver said.

“Because of the Daily, we can now say that we are the only show on television where we are not white.”

It’s an idea that Oliver has had for years, and it helped launch The Daily’s political message and help it rise to the top of the ratings charts.

It’s also been a big part of the show being one of only a few shows in the history of television that has ever had a black host and co-host.

“What The Daily did was it gave the show an identity, and that’s why it was such a big success,” Oliver told me.

“In a way, The Late Late Show is a sort of tribute to The Tonight Show.

The Late Letter Show was the precursor of The Daily.”

The Daily had a tough road ahead, even as the show grew.

But when it came to its first episode, the first week on the air, the network put out a call to advertisers to ask them to take a risk.

“You know, the whole show is about the Daily,” Oliver explained.

“So there’s a lot that’s political and satirical about it.

But there’s also a lot about a white guy who writes about white people.”

And it’s this idea of a white dude writing about white folks that got the advertisers to give The Daily the green light to air its first new episode since 2007.

The show’s writers weren’t just putting a liberal spin on reality TV.

They were writing it for the audience.

Oliver, whose wife is a former reporter, started writing sketches to fill the first two hours of the episode, but the network wanted to give them to the audience, so he went back to the drawing board.

“As soon as I was asked to write the show, I had to make a decision,” Oliver says.

“My first thought was, I really like The Daily, so it’s not like we have to write something like The View or something.

I could just write a joke, and you know, it’s all good.

And it was.”

The sketch that started the whole idea of The LateShow went something like this: a white man, wearing a fedora, talks to a black woman, who is wearing a shirt that says “Black Lives Matter.”

The man tells the woman, “Black lives matter, and black lives matter.

Black lives matter,” and then he walks away.

He says the same thing to a white woman, a black one, and then a white one.

“Why is this black guy on the television?” the black woman asks. The white

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