The New Yorker: ‘This is the best book I’ve ever read’

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On the cover, a smiling young woman with a long, thin nose holds a bouquet of white roses.

A caption says “Beautiful.”

The words “Beauty” and “New Yorker” are etched into the cover of this new book.

But, as with the rest of its titles, it has been written by a woman.

In the years since this book was published, its author, Amy Bloom, has written many books about life, from The Handmaid’s Tale, to the best-selling American novel The Giver, to her most recent book, A Place of My Own: The Art of Being a Woman in a Post-Trump America.

Now, Bloom is making a name for herself with her new memoir, Beautiful.

Bloom, a New Yorker, is writing a memoir of her own, and its been a great ride for the author.

We spoke with Bloom about what she learned from this new memoir and what she hopes readers take away from it.

Q: Beautiful has a number of chapters that are autobiographical.

Was that something you wanted to do with the book?

A: I wanted to write about my own life, because I felt that it was very autobiographical in nature.

I didn’t want to write a book that was a narrative of my life, where I was told I had to live a narrative and I was forced to follow it.

But I also wanted to explore my own story.

It was important to me that the book was not only about me, but about all of us, because it really was a celebration of diversity and the idea that we have to be able to celebrate ourselves.

So I wanted people to be curious about the way I wrote the book, and I wanted them to also be curious as to the way all of my writing was structured.


What inspired the name?


When I was a kid, I would go to my parents’ house and they would say, “Oh, this is your book.

You’re going to be beautiful.”

And I would say: “No, no, no!

No, no!”

It’s like I had been in this magical place and now I’m writing a book about myself.

It’s my book, I think.

I had no idea that it would be my book.

And I am so grateful for my parents for giving me this opportunity.

Q, I’m curious what’s the story behind this book?

The book has some interesting titles.

I want to ask you, what’s your personal story?

A I am an American.

I’m from Pennsylvania.

And my family has been here for almost three generations.

My dad is from Pennsylvania, my mom from New York.

My mom has been an American citizen since I was four years old, and she came to the U.S. when I was 4.

And when I went to school, I studied in Philadelphia.

And as I grew up, I realized that I was American, and it was a place that I wanted for my kids.

And so I think that the reason that I have this book is because I am American.

And it is also a story of how we got to where we are, and how we are trying to navigate our way through this new era of change.

Q.: The book begins with a chapter about a young man who has been expelled from school because of his skin color.

Did you want to explore that?

A The book started off with a story about an expelled student who was in a minority, and a young woman who is also black.

And she was very angry that he was expelled, and this is where she was inspired to write this book.

The story is really about how we get to this point where we can actually celebrate our diversity and our inclusion.

And that was what inspired the title.

Q- But I want you to talk about your mother, and the fact that you wrote this book about your parents, because we see the book as autobiographical, but how does that fit in with your memoir?

A My mother is a very different person from the author’s mother.

She is a woman, and that was something that was also a guiding light for the book.

I wanted the book to be about how I grew and learned to deal with my mother, how she grew up and how I went through her transition into adulthood.

But the book is also about my father, who was the first person that I knew who had been able to have a job.

My father was a taxi driver.

I grew to love him, and he was an amazing man.

And he taught me that we don’t have to fight for our rights, because if we do, we will just get trampled.

That’s a lesson that I learned from my mother.

Q about your memoirs: I was surprised that the title of the book would be so descriptive.

But your mother is very different from the other people in the book: she is an American woman, but

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