Which writers were the most impacted by the 2017 hurricanes?

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The year was devastating for many writers, especially those who had previously been writing under the auspices of a larger company.

The most notable was Rebecca Sugar, who wrote the best-selling novel The Diary of a Teenage Girl and The Catcher in the Rye.

Her work on the series, which ran from 2013 to 2016, was among the most popular.

Sugar was in the midst of her fourth book deal at the time of the hurricanes, and she was working on her third novel when the fires began.

Her husband, Peter Sugar, died in the first hurricane, and her youngest son, Hunter, died when his home in the Bahamas was destroyed by Hurricane Maria in October 2017.

But she was spared the worst, writing two more novels after the first one. 

“My biggest fear when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico was that I wouldn’t be able to write,” she wrote in a post on her blog.

“I had to find my voice and I found it in my books.”

In the first novel, the islanders are trying to figure out what happened to their loved ones.

Sugar writes that she was writing the novel in a hotel room in Puerto Rico when the storm hit, and a fellow writer came in and asked if she had any ideas about how to get some water. 

The book’s second installment is titled, The Catchers, and it’s set in the aftermath of the first storm, when the survivors have to survive an apocalypse and the world is suddenly flooded.

The story follows the survivors as they try to rebuild their lives, and Sugar writes of her frustration that she could not get a proper response to her requests for help from the island.

“All I could do was say ‘I don’t know how to help,’ ” she writes.

“Then I would say, ‘How can I help?'” 

“When Hurricane Maria struck, I felt helpless,” Sugar wrote.

“No one wanted to help me, and I couldn’t find any people willing to help.” 

She had written other novels before, but this was the first time she was dealing with a disaster, and the first that she had had to write under a new publisher. 

In the second novel, Sugar and her son, Sam, are forced to live in the rubble after Hurricane Maria.

“When Sam died,” Sugar writes, “my mind started to go blank.

Sam and I spent a lot of time thinking about what was happening in Puerto Ricos world, and all of a sudden we were all in the same situation.

It was like being in the middle of the ocean.” 

Sugar is not the only writer who found herself in a similar position.

Many other writers and artists have also had to deal with the devastating effects of the storm. 

‘I was going to go insane’ In February 2017, the writer and artist Dottie Hill wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times about her experience as a writer, and how she struggled with the impact of Hurricane Maria on her. 

After the hurricane hit, Hill found herself unable to write anything and was left to fend for herself. 

Her piece focused on the many ways that her own mental health was affected by the storm, and many of the ways in which she found comfort in her work. 

One of the most common experiences that Hill described in her piece is when she came home from work and found that her family had all gone on a run.

She said that she began to wonder if she should just “go crazy” and start writing again. 

But while Hill was going through the mental health crisis that came with the hurricane, she wrote an entire novel. 

Singer and actress Dolly Parton wrote her memoirs in the wake of the devastation. 

Dolly wrote in her memoir that she “was going to become an artist” and “had no idea how to cope with the loss of my family, my community, and my life.” 

“I was always thinking of all the ways that I could make a difference,” she said in her book.

“What I never knew was that there was nothing that I was capable of.

I was going in a different direction.” 

Hill said that, at first, she thought she was just a writer who was stuck in a “sick mental state” because she had lost her home and was stuck out in the wilderness. 

She wrote about her depression and PTSD, and about her struggles with depression and suicide, and described her life as a “puzzling, lonely, and broken.” 

In her memoir, she writes about her own struggles with the mental illness. 

 “It is so hard to get into that mental state and think about it all the time, even though it is so easy to forget,” she writes in the book. 

And then she says something really amazing. 

Hill writes about a time when she was living in a nursing home and her roommate was taking

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