How to write a best-selling novel in a few days

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There’s a lot of time to get a novel published in advance of a book’s release, but if you’re willing to do the hard work it’s worth it to take advantage of the time.

Here are a few ways to get your book published quickly.


Get your book on the New York Times best-seller list (and, in the case of books published in English, the Times bestseller list in the United States.)

You can use a service like The Times BookScan to search the best-sellers list.

The site lets you compare the bestseller lists for different languages and different time periods.

If you want to find a book published on May 11 in English and you can find it on May 12, you’ll be on track to publish your book.


Put your book up for auction on Amazon.

In the United Kingdom, you can get your books listed on Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace.

You can also buy books on Amazon for pennies on the dollar.


Get reviews from a literary agent.

Literary agents are good for writers and publishers alike.

The New York Review of Books, for example, is an excellent place to get reviews of new books from literary agents.

You’ll be able to use the reviews to write an agent pitch for the book, and you’ll also be able negotiate with a literary agency to find the right writer for your book, the agent can then send you the manuscript for a fee.


Buy a new book.

The best way to get published in a short amount of time is to buy a new novel.

New novels can be published as short stories, novellas, novels, memoirs, or collections.

If your novel is published, you have a lot less work ahead of you to prepare it for publication, but it’s still an excellent way to make a career in the publishing business.


Sell your manuscript online.

If it’s a short story, you could easily write a short manuscript and then sell it online for a very small fee.

If, however, your novel involves a story about a famous person, you may have to pay a fee for that kind of work.

It can be a lot easier to sell a novel online and to get paid quickly, if you know the steps you need to take to do it right.


Buy your first book from a publisher.

Many booksellers offer writers a chance to sell their first books through a program called the First Book Club.

The program allows writers to receive $500, up to two-thirds of which goes to the first book they sell.

Some books are also listed on the First Books List, but they can’t be sold directly to the public or to readers.

The First Book Clubs offer writers more flexibility, since they can sell their books for a small fee, or they can set up a payment plan for readers.


Create a blog.

Blogging can be the most effective way to start your career in publishing.

You have so many other options available, like emailing and blogging.

But you’ll still have to spend a lot more time writing about your novel, which can take a lot longer than a book.


Write a book about yourself.

You may be able for some writers to get their books published without the help of a publishing company.

The Internet is a great way to create a fan-based website, but many bloggers are looking for more exposure in a way that’s more directly beneficial to their careers.


Sell books in other countries.

Many writers are also willing to sell books in countries where they don’t speak English, like Russia, China, or South Africa.

That could be a good way to sell your novel without going to a publishing house, but you may be surprised at how many times you’ll find yourself in the same situation.


Find an agent.

If the first thing you want is to find an agent for your novel but you don’t have a publishing agency, you should definitely consider getting one.

The process for hiring an agent can be quite long and complicated, but the agents can often offer a lot for your time.

If all else fails, you might want to consider hiring a copywriter.

You could even hire a copyeditor.