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about the office sources article New Zealand’s writers room is not only home to some of the country’s most talented writers, it’s also one of the biggest, with the country boasting more than a million active writers.

But when it comes to writing for the office, you’re unlikely to find a more daunting task than what you’ll find on your desk in the writers room.

The writers room in the Auckland office of the Bureau of Statistics.

Source: SuppliedThe writers office is the headquarters for the Bureau’s writers group, which is responsible for all aspects of writing and editing the Bureau website.

The writer group, whose members include many of New Zealands top fiction writers, is made up of writers, editors, producers, writers and editors.

“We do the whole writing and working together, we do the editing and writing together,” bureau president Peter Ralston said.

“And I think that’s a big reason why we’ve got such a large group of writers and writers group members.”

“It’s not just about one or two people, it is a whole team.”

Writers work together in the bureau, and the writing group is responsible to produce quality content for the website, as well as keeping the website updated.

In the writers rooms office, the writers group will also produce an online journal, which will be used for both public and private communication.

In addition to producing the online journal the writers will also collaborate on content for a range of publications, such as The Times, the Bureau, the ABC and the Sunday Herald and Sun.

“There’s a lot of writers who are really passionate about what they do, so they’re always going to have an interest in it,” Mr Ralton said.

“They’ll write for the websites as well.”

The bureau’s writers will be expected to be efficient and efficient at doing their jobs, and will often collaborate on the website.

But if you’re not a writer, you’ll still find yourself reading, listening to, or writing about the work of your fellow writers in the office.

The writing room, where the writers meet every Monday, has an excellent view of the city.

Source/SuppliedThe writing group will work together to produce a range for the online Journal of Writing.


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