New Android phones with 3G and 4G specs leak online

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The leak comes from Android Central, which claims to have “the most complete information yet” about the latest flagship Android phones.

The site says it’s the result of a collaboration between Google and Mobileye, a company that manufactures mobile data connectivity chips.

Mobileye’s chips have been used in Google’s Android phones, but it’s unclear how many have been sold.

The leak is the first indication that phones will feature either 3G or 4G technology.

We already know that Google is using a 3G connection to make the Nexus 7 available to customers who want a larger screen, but the leak also gives us some insight into the specifications of phones that could support these technologies.

The leaks are accompanied by a series of images, which appear to show new devices that don’t feature a 3D display.

The pictures don’t include the Nexus 5, but they do show a number of new phones that do include 3D displays.

For example, the Nexus 6 is apparently sporting a display with a resolution of 1366 x 768, while the Nexus 9 sports a 1440 x 900 panel.

Android Central says it has “the largest collection of details of Android phones ever.”

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