When It’s Time To Give Freedom Writers The Gift

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The year is 2015.

You’ve been in the business for years and years.

You are a writer.

You have a great job.

You work with great people.

You write the best stuff you can.

You don’t make a ton of money, but you get to live in a big, big city.

You’ve been doing this for years.

The writers have done it for years, and it’s the best thing to do for them.

So when the year comes around, you think, well, I guess I can just give the writers the gift of freedom. 

You have the gift to write, but it’s a gift you can’t give them right now.

So you decide to give the gift right now and take the first step toward giving them the gift that they deserve.

I’m a writer myself, but I think writers have a different gift.

I think they’re a really good reader.

They are a great listener.

They really listen.

They care.

They know what you want and they understand what you need.

They’re not going to give you a lot of money.

They don’t have a ton to spend.

They can’t buy a house or buy a car.

But they have a gift.

The gift is the ability to read people who are writing, and that’s a huge gift.

They read people in the world.

They think about how to make their readers feel understood, like they’re part of the story.

They want to be in your head.

They feel connected to you, and they want to feel loved.

The way to do that is to write the kind of story that you want to write.

If you don’t write the story that makes you feel loved, they will never get what you’re feeling.

They won’t love you back.

They will never be happy.

They may be angry.

They might even try to hurt you.

They could kill you.

You can’t write stories that make people feel understood or loved, so writers don’t.

You can write stories to help people understand the world around them.

You could make them think about the things that they care about, or the things they want from the world, or you could write about the people they love.

If it’s about you, that’s the kind that will make people want to care about you.

I don’t know why they don’t do that.

Writers want to do the right thing.

That’s why they want freedom.

You need freedom.

But the freedom you need isn’t what makes you a writer, or makes you rich.

Freedom means that you can do what you love, that you have the freedom to do what makes people happy.

It means that people can live with their families and they can have a good life.

You know, they’re not asking for money.

It’s not a luxury.

You get to spend time with your family.

They get to make a life for themselves.

You know, in many ways writers have the most privilege of all the professions.

They have all the opportunities and all the resources that other writers don.

The only way that I can be an author is to be an absolute good reader, and I have a lot to be able to do with the money that I make.

But that freedom is also a gift, and the gift is to know what’s important and to write it.

You’re an author, so you have to write something that people care about.

You really have to make people care, or they’re never going to want to read your story.

I mean, you’re going to be lucky to get a couple hundred thousand readers, and you’re not really getting anything for it.

But you’re really not going get the same kind of success as a writer who is a very, very good listener and who is an absolute, dedicated reader and a very devoted reader of stories.

I’ve had writers tell me, they’ve told me that they were very, they said, I was the most popular writer of all time, and now I’m not.

You just need to do something that’s really interesting.

And I have to tell you that there’s a great way to get that kind of publicity.

I’m talking about being a writer and not being a musician.

You want to make money.

You got to write some music.

You probably got to be a great musician.

But writing music is a lot more of a challenge than being a great writer.

Writing music is not the same as writing a book.

Writing a book is more of the same thing.

It takes a long time.

It requires a lot.

It took me five years to write my first book.

I went to a bunch of different studios and took a lot out of my life.

I didn’t have the time.

I had a wife and two kids.

I got really depressed.

And at the end of five years, I decided to write this book.

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