Which writers are coming out to the theatre in 2017?

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Theatre and comedy writer, and director, John Hodgman, will return to the stage in 2017, after a two-year hiatus following his 2014 film, ‘The BFG’.

The stage writer, Sarah Caulfield, will be appearing on stage with Hodgman at the annual BFI Christmas programme, and will join other theatre and comedy stars including Michael Gambon, Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Jenkins, and Kate Winslet in a musical about a woman who gets pregnant and becomes a nurse in London.

‘BFI Christmas’ is a four-day event at the BFI, where the UK’s leading comedy and arts organisations present a range of international and national talent, including stars of the British stage and television industry, including Paul Merton, Ian McKellen, David Hyde Pierce, John Cleese, James Corden, David Hasselhoff, John Lithgow, John Oliver, John Stamos, Amy Schumer, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Jon Stewart, Kevin Spacey, John Waters and Tim Robbins, among many others.

The show, which is part of the BAFTA festival, will also be hosted by comedian Ben Stiller and his wife, comedian Lili Reinhart.

A special ‘BISHOP THE GREAT’ performance of the BBC’s ‘The Greatest Hits’ will be broadcast on Christmas Day, and is part the BISHOP OF THE GREAT celebration.

‘I’m very excited about our next BFI festive programme,’ said Hodgman.

‘John Hodgman is a legend in the theatre and I am so thrilled that the BFG will return on Christmas day.

‘We have a brilliant cast and this is a really good show.’

In addition to the BFFs performance, there will also see performances of the ‘BFF’ films, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘Dollhouse’.

John Hodg, John, John (Jack) and the Bffs are playing the BIFF and BFF at the 2017 Christmas show in London and Edinburgh, as well as in London, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Los Angeles.

John, Jack and the ‘Dolls’ are playing in Edinburgh, while the ‘Great BFF’ and the Dolls will be playing in London as part of a London Christmas special, and at the end of the show in Edinburgh.

John Hodg is performing his new film, The BFG, on Christmas Eve.

‘The Great BFF and the Great Dolls have joined the BIFF to sing together and sing for the entire BFF,’ said John.

‘This is such a great opportunity for us to sing the Bifffs song with the Great Bff and the great Dolls as the Great One and the Master of All.’

‘The greatest BFF in the world will be singing with us for the whole year!’ said John, adding: ‘It’s been a long time since I’ve seen John and I’m delighted he’s joining us on stage and on stage singing this Christmas.’

‘This will be a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the BDF community to sing with John and the other Great Biffs.

‘It’ll be a great day of Christmas celebrations and it’ll be one of the highlights of our 2017 Christmas tour.’

‘It will be fantastic to see John again with the BFBs on stage,’ said Sarah Caufield, who will be joining John Hodgmann on stage in Edinburgh on Christmas Night.

‘He’s been so great to work with and I can’t wait to get to Edinburgh for our Christmas show.’

The BFF’s new live show, ‘Happiness,’ will take place on Christmas night at the BBC Studios in London’s West End, and the studio will be showing the film in cinemas.

‘HAPPY’ is based on the life story of John Hodgson, who has starred in many of the greatest films of all time.

John’s latest film, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson as a young couple trying to keep their happy marriage alive, was released in October 2016.

The Biff’s new show, The Great Biff, is about a young woman who is pregnant and falls in love with a nurse, and she is given a new identity as a nurse to help people with life-threatening diseases.

‘If you haven’t seen it yet, the great Biff is on a mission to get a new life in life for a new person.

She is the Great Doctor,’ said Stephen Fry.

‘And we’ve got John on stage playing the role of the Great Father and he’s going to get this little baby into the world as a newborn.’

‘I think it’s fantastic that we’re bringing it back, and hopefully it’ll help people to see the true character of John and how he’s changed throughout the years,’ said Laura O’Connor, who is playing Jane.

‘To get to play the

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