Why writers are leaving Freedom Writers house

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A Freedom Writers House in north-west London is facing a “very difficult time”, according to the owner.

The group, which is a non-profit, operates from a space in London’s Old Street and is set to be demolished in April.

“I’ve had to make a tough decision, to leave our home and start a new life in Scotland,” said Jody Lippett.

“The people of London are not ready to let me go, so I’m looking to relocate to Scotland and start something new.”

Freedom Writers, which was founded in 1994, is part of the Writers House Trust, which helps writers find jobs in England.

It was founded as a way of supporting writers in their work in their local area and providing a platform for local writers to publish.

In recent years, Freedom Writers has also provided support for a number of local writers, including Alison Weir, who has run a local literary magazine, the Literary and Educational Association.

She has also written for the local Times and the Sunday Times.

Lippette said that the Freedom Writers was an “exceptional opportunity” for writers to find work, but was facing “a very difficult time”.

The Freedom Writers is in its third year of existence and Lippettes hopes to reopen as soon as possible. “

But in terms of the wider community, we are seeing a very worrying lack of confidence and an unwillingness to engage with our local writers in the way we have in the past.”

The Freedom Writers is in its third year of existence and Lippettes hopes to reopen as soon as possible.

She said that she was looking for an owner to take over the building and she had been contacted by a number “who will support us”.

“We’re looking to put it back on the market as soon in as possible,” she said.

The Freedom Writes has had a tough time financially, and is in debt.

In 2016, Lippet was paid £250,000 for a book that she wrote with another writer.

Freedom Writers have a very small staff, and are dependent on volunteers and donations.

The building is currently being refurbished, and Lizzette hopes to raise £500,000 to help it get back on its feet.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to rebuild a new building, and to get the Freedom Writess back to its former glory.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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