Writer’s room in an A&P space

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The author of the popular “Star Wars” comic “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has been granted a writer’s room to work from his home.

The space is at a small office in the same building as the fictional “Rogue Squadron” in “Star Trek,” and the writer’s space is a few weeks away from the movie’s Nov. 16 release date.

The room, at 917 South St. NW, was granted to “RogueOne” writer Jason Aaron and “StarWars” writer Gary Whitta, and they’ll work there until Aaron leaves “Rogue” to work on other projects.

“I am excited to share this writer’sroom with Gary Whittis, Jason Aaron, and the other writers I’ve been working with on Rogue One,” Whitt said in a press release.

“It is truly an honor to have this space with the same folks that have helped me to craft the universe we all live in and to work with Gary and Jason on this film is an amazing opportunity for us.”

Whitt’s “Rogue 1” story is based on the comic book series “Rogue Rider,” which is the source material for “StarWings” and “Rogue.”

It’s set to be released Nov. 17, but the film will open Nov. 19.

In addition to “Starwings,” Whitta is also writing the screenplay for “Rogue Nation,” a film based on “Rogue Fighter.”

The first three episodes of “RogueNation” will be released Oct. 18, and it will follow Whitt and his “Rogue Riders” character.

Whitt is also working on “StarWar: Rogue One: The Unsung Heroes” with screenwriter Greg Cox and screenwriter Aaron Davis, and he’s working on a “Starz” series that is based loosely on “The Avengers” franchise.

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