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The screenwriters guild has hit out at what it says are ‘grossly unfair’ new rules aimed

What do you need to know about modern family writing?

By: Michael J. SatterwhiteThe freedom writers are on the brink of the biggest comeback since the 1950

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Gospels studio writer and Gospel Writers Studio 2 broke girls writer Melissa Schmitt (pictured above

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A year ago, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige told the press that it was “just not possible&#8221

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You might be thinking that this post is about romance writers in the best mystery writers studio, but

How to Write a Best Resume in the New Renaissance Writers Studio

The best resume writers are writing the perfect resume for every job, from high-flying CEO to struggl

The Top 100 female writers of all time

100.Elizabeth Gilbert – The Big Short (2015) The film was nominated for four Oscars and won two

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